Message Development

Librarians: Copyright Education in Libraries

He who deliberates fully before taking a step will spend his entire life on one leg.
--Chinese proverb

The Key Message for Librarians

Considering the legal and philosophical bases underpinning the core missions of our nation's libraries, it would, in fact, be very strange if librarians weren't extremely interested and well-versed in copyright law. Libraries are inextricably intertwined with it: their most basic activities are authorized by copyright law, and they routinely interact with it in meaningful and challenging ways.

The Two-Part Plan for Approaching Librarians about Copyright Education

Part 1: Why Understand Fair Use and Library Exemptions?

Legal Foundation
Library Exemptions
Fair Use
Effective License Negotiations

Part 2: How Can Librarians Promote Lawful Access, Use, and Preservation?

Evaluate Internal Policies
Identify Copyright Needs
Copyright Information Web Site
Provide Training
Library Copyright Expert

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